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We enable trade of a diverse range of agro-commodities chiefly pulses and beans, rice, sugar, coffee, nuts and dry fruits, seeds and spices. A decades old relationship with premium trade houses across the globe provide us the edge to serve faster and better. Our trading expertise includes:

pulses and beans

Pulses & Beans

pulses and beans


pulses and beans

Coffee Beans

pulses and beans

Nuts & Dry Fruits

pulses and beans


pulses and beans


pulses and beans

Fruits & Vegetables

pulses and beans

Other Commoditiess

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Enabling the food chain From Farm to Shelf

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EMCO International is the leading regional agro-commodity brokerage and trade house facilitating the food chain from farm to shelf. We bring on the table suppliers and buyers on the single principle of mutual trust since 1992.

Our family managed business relies on in-depth market knowledge and reliable sources to offer buyers the best deal in the market. Technology helps us to enrich our services making us a preferred brokerage and trade house in the region.

Start a relationship with us and reap the benefits.

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